Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ridin' Dirty at the Race!

A couple of weeks ago, Skyler rode in a race. He was very excited, because if you dont already know, he LOVES his dirt bike. His excitement seemed to override the bad logic of ending a five month riding drought with a race. But that didnt stop him from getting back on the horse...or bike, and doing an awesome job!

For those of you that dont know what a "hole shot" is, it is awarded to the fastest rider out of the gate, and around the first corner of the track. And Skyler was the winner! The video below shows my sexy number 6 getting the hole shot. At the begining, everyone had to start with their engine off and their right hand on their helmet. After everybody was ready, the gate operator goes into the little shed where nobody can see him, and randomly dropped the gates.

The race track was 5 miles long. He had a blast!